An already infamous clip from a documentary airing tonight on ESPN about the circumstances surrounding Tom Brady’s selection in the 6th Round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

I always knew Brady was an emotional guy—he gets fired up on the sidelines, his press conferences are brief and terse following a loss—but it’s still pretty jarring to see him break down like he does here. People have been giving him crap for this interview, that Brady should dare to shed tears while he occupies one of the highest paid and most recognizable positions in the NFL, but c’mon! The guy was just short of having to abandon his dream and possibly losing it in such a public way, with family and friends all watching? It should be no surprise that Brady gets a little choked up remembering that call from the Patriots.

It does seem a little strange to me that in addition to chronicling Brady’s NFL career, The Brady 6 also looks at the six quarterbacks drafted ahead of Brady. Kinda weird, right? Hey, NFL has-beens who aren’t Chad Pennington or Marc Bulger, how’s that football career treating you? Care to say a few words about the shining star of your draft class?

Obviously these guys are less petty than I.